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My Own Story

My family stories, even my own love story, is something I want my children to know about. They have only known me for a small portion of my life and I want them to look at our family’s life stories and be excited to pass them on to their own families.

This is where I think that I can be helpful and where my background, with all its twists and turns, has prepared me well. I am pulling my computer background, my creative side, and my love for family history and stories together so that we can share our Life Stories in a way that generations will enjoy

I lost my mom to cancer back in 2000 way before I even thought to really dig into her own story. She was only 70 years old and we should have had many more long talks to enjoy, so it wasn’t even on my radar to think about her not being around. She was healthy and stayed active and all the things that would make you think that we indeed had a lot more time together. And then we didn’t.

How has that all affected me?

I still find myself hoping that I will uncover some treasure trove of letters or notes that she wrote to me explaining all the things that I now have questions about.

It’s been a process, but I’ve finally pinpointed what I hope will be my own legacy to be passed on. I am bound and determined to make sure that my children know as much about me and their dad as we can manage to pull together.

My own LIfeStory isn’t going to write itself and if my children were to try and do it years from now, they will find it really hard to piece my stories all together. Yes, we have thousands of photos, but I find myself wanting answers to things that I couldn’t find in my own mom’s photos.

Want to follow along as I share some of the projects that I’ve already done and those that are very high on my to-do list?

Why should anyone be interested in what I have to say?

That is always the question and something that I think everyone struggles with. I am a lover of history, passionate about family history in particular, and combining all the work that I have done in the field as well as my computer background, I find myself at a point where I feel like I have a lot to offer those kindred souls that find their way to my site.

For 16 years I was the genealogist for The Society of Indiana Pioneers and was a lineage society research specialist for even longer so I have done my fair share of family history research. From the many thank-you’s that I have received over the years for my research work and help, I know just how important our family history is to a lot of people. There is a lot of great information out there, especially now, but that is part of the problem as well. There is a LOT! So, let’s enjoy the process together!