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Beautiful printable for  family tree (Note: tree not included!)

Beautiful printable for family tree (Note: tree not included!)

I need your help — feedback!

My goal with this website it to take our standard family history projects and add some beauty to them. This printable is not earth-shattering but it is a tiny step in the right direction.

I have to say up front that I am in no way modifying any trees that print from, but merely embellishing them so that they are easier on the eyes. If you notice, I leave the Ancestry title at the top all alone so that it is obvious where the tree has been printed from as well as the tree name in the upper-right.

Anyway, back to my lovely printable…

The way this works is pretty simple: If you have a family tree on, you can print out your family tree (that is free) in a easy-to-read format like you see in the orange frame. Go to your family tree in If you haven’t tried this yet, you can click on the upper-left of your screen where the title of your family tree is found (you can do this at any point.) This takes you to a new screen that shows a sideways family tree starting with yourself or the first person in the tree at the left and branching out to the right.

Btw, if your tree goes farther than the generations that are showing, there are little arrows to the right of each line. Just choose which family line you would like to see more of and it will expand to as far as you have taken the line.

If this is the view that you would like to print, then look over at the far left control panel for a little printer symbol at the bottom of the size sliders. Click the printer icon and you are on a print screen view where you can click on the Print button again.

This should take you to the printer dialog box for your printer and I’m sure that you know what to do next!

Here’s where the magic happens

With my printable, you would take your freshly printed family tree (the first page) and insert it back into the printer upside down (depending on your printer) and heading in the right direction. You might have experiment with this a couple of times to see how your printer handles the paper.

But once you catch on to how the printer is sending your paper through, then it is really easy to add my beautiful cover to the top of your family tree. You would simply print the PDF and it will send your original family tree back through the printer and voila! — instant loveliness.

Before I even think of making this available as a downloadable, I wanted to see if it is something that anyone other than myself is even remotely interested in! Share it around because the more – the merrier for me! I’d love to hear from others about one of my ideas.

I’d like to send it as a freebie when I get new email sign-ups. Any takers?